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Today’s Dam Busters

Operation Chastise took place in May 1943. If that doesn’t ring a bell, how about the Dam Busters, the name given to the squadron that carried out a daring air raid on dams in Germany’s industrial...



Dear A,Good to hear from you in the UK. We are alright, thank you, and glad to hear you are too. The comment about the prevalent political problems affecting us is, indeed, pertinent. We are distressed.We...


Of course, sir

Tourism is booming in Barcelona, despite three notable factors: one, the terrorist attacks of just two years ago; two, the so-called “tourism-phobia” that has gripped the city in recent years and seen...

Long-term resident

Lies, damned lies

When the October 14th sentencing of Catalonia’s political prisoners was reported in England, my 92 year old aunt - who normally has as much contact with Catalonia as I do with the waters of the Limpopo...

Technology in the classroom

The government’s STEMcat programme aims to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics by providing material, resources and teacher training


Hilarious situations and marvellous dialogues, as well as memorable performances from a group of unknown young actors, are enough reasons to give a second chance to the British series Derry Girls, which...

A very DARK future

If a populist politician says on television at peak viewing hours that he “doesn’t give a crap” about the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, we know what to expect. And that is how the miniseries Years...

Maspons the useful

MNAC national gallery has major retrospective of Catalan photographer’s work, with 500 of his images, including some that have barely or never been seen before

In the art factory

New director Joana Hurtado wants to turn the Fabra i Coats arts centre into a place for “new and different ways of making and experiencing today’s art”